Maris Studio – Virtual Tour – Panoramic Photography – Google Street View

Maria A. Aristidou Studio first started after going viral through social media and web pages by introducing Coffee as an art medium .
Coffee painting trend started building up from that moment on.

Since then, the artist and CEO of Maris Studio, Maria A. Aristidou has been working on a range of projects in order to help and promote businesses and other artists by producing creative projects, new trends and art work.
For example: Cake Art- Famous Paintings on Cakes, Star Wars Christmas Ornaments, Creative Displays inspired by Vintage Children’s books stories.

Maria A. Aristidou’s aim is to promote that artists, creativity and art is a necessary tool for businesses in order to help them with marketing, trend forecasting, advertisement and social media management.

Future Maria A. Aristidou’s work will include social media campaigns, viral article projects, book and illustrations publications as well as brand merchandise.


For commissioned work and/or orders please contact me at: